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On the Official Website of Battlefield Heroes, you can download the game and get new information about new content or news. There was also a Developer's Blog by Jeff Minard, where some of the Developers have written some information about the development of Battlefield Heroes.

Registered sitesEdit

Default Landing PagesEdit 
  • IP:
  • Server Location: United Kingdom
  • Internet Server Provider (ISP):

Content Delivery NetworkEdit
  • IP:
  • Server Location: Cambridge in United States
  • ISP: Akamai Technologies

Public Test EnvironementEdit
  • IP:
  • Server Location: United Kingdom
  • ISP:

bitly (Shortlink)Edit
  • IP:
  • Server Location: Englewood in United States
  • ISP: NTT America

Social PagesEdit

Weblinks Edit

For more details on this topic, see EA.
For more details on this topic, see EAsy.
For more details on this topic, see Play4Free.

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