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Jun 25 - Start of OBEdit

Closed Beta Medal Reward

Closed Beta Medals

  • Goodbye Closed Beta! We will miss the good times. Open beta has started NOW!
  • 200 Free BF to all closed beta players
  • Closed Beta Medals to all closed beta players

Jul 01 - July Exclusives are now here!Edit

  • For Battlefunds we have the Royal Rancher and the Teutonic Tourist!
  • For VP we have Smooth Criminal and Thuggin' outfit to celebrate Michael Jackson's upcoming performance, which unfortunately could not happen.

Aug 01 - August Exclusives are now out!Edit

Sept 01 - September Exclusives join The Battle!Edit

Sept 08 - Reduced prices for emotesEdit

  • The unlimited price point for all Battlefund Emotes is now 280 BF, permanently!

Sept 23 - New PetsEdit

Cobra and Eagle Highlight
  • Kim The King Cobra, and Eddy The Eagle are now our new pets! Get them in the store for only 420 battle funds!

Sept 30 - Heroes Of The FallEdit

Monty 01

Oct 21 - Weapon Balance and BugfixesEdit

  • Patches up many common bugs, national BB bug, improves mg damage, adds critical to knives and frenzy fire, bunch of other small changes. Lowered and increased damage to some weapons plus reload speed changes.

Oct 30 - Halloween 2009Edit

Nov 06 - November Exclusives!Edit

Nov 23 - Turkey Shoot SaleEdit

Turkey Shoot Sale BF Bonus

The Turkey Shoot Sale

Dec 01 - Christmas 2009Edit

Dec 13 - Hot-Deals pageEdit

  • Fixed signature generation hang-ups.
  • Added group wall and group membership list on the profile pages.
  • Fixed an issue with the Digital Service Agreement page to prevent security * warnings in Internet Explorer
  • Added Sunset Showdown stats and icons

Dec 15 - Hot-Deals pageEdit

  • New Hot Deals page for showing special offers
  • Fixed a caching bug on the My Groups list on the hero and user profile pages
  • Added several missing default weapon names on the hero profile page

Dec 25 - Christmas EveEdit

  • First Christmas For Battlefield Heroes The Game. (Well if you Don't count the early closed beta) We all wish it a lasting career as the best free game ever.

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