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Jan 01 - Dr PepperEdit

  • Happy New Years! Celebrate with Dr. Pepper! EA and Dr. Pepper have teamed up to bring you awesome content. During 2010 ALL caps will have codes for BFH outfits. 4 sets will be released giving a total of 8 outfits altogether!

Jan 20 - Window ModeEdit

  • Windowed Mode: Press Alt+Enter to toggle between fullscreen and window mode

Jan 26 - Supply DropsEdit

  • Supply Drops: You don't know what you're going to get, but you just might get lucky..! Includes tonics, uber/super weapons, and other cool clothing items. (Note. Items can have a duration on them)

Jan 27 - Night Maps & Moonlight HeroesEdit

Feb 03 - Firefox 3.6Edit

  • Firefox 3.6 is now fully supported to the BFH Website

Feb 13 - Spore PetsEdit

  • Emperor Scorpion & Snapping Turtle are our new pets! These were picked from the Spore, design a creature contest!

Feb 17 - Super/Uber Sets completedEdit

  • New Super Weapons announced. Basically the original weapons now all have a uber/super version.

Feb ~25 - Private MessagingEdit

  • Private message feature enabled

Mar 03 - Daily MissionsEdit

  • Daily Missions are available. Each day a new mission will be in your inventory. When you complete the mission you will be rewarded with 75 vp! Keep checking for missions every day!

Mar 16 - Heroes gets Bad CompanyEdit

BC2 Haggard Kirilenko
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 style clothing and weapons in-game by purchase of battlefunds (again) These aren't more powerful. They are just re-skins to the uber/super released in December. M16/AK74(SMG), PKM/M249 (MG), M95/SVD (Rifle)

Apr 01 - April FoolsEdit

  • APRIL FOOLS! Celebrate April Fool's Day with Peaks Boo Bag, and Brown Bag of Shame.... only 7000 battle funds! APRIL FOOLS! Did you actually think we would sell you paper bags for 7000 BF? :P

Apr 14 - ReferralsEdit

  • The referral scheme was introduced. By referring friends on Facebook or via a web-link the referral and the referrer would gain 1350 Valor Points and a extra 1 day XP Boost. If the referral buys 2800 or more Battlefunds within 60 days, the referrer gains 700 Battlefunds and the referee gains another 1000 Valor Points.

Apr 19 - V2 Vengeance and Midnight Mayhem Edit

  • New map Midnight Mayhem (7th map)
  • Rippin' Rocket and Thor's Turbojet outfits are now back. Originally found in codes of PC gamers magazines are now available to buy in the store!
    • Fuel jet pack widget only used when a jetpack is equipped to your hero.

Apr 26 - Heroic MomentsEdit

  • Heroic Moments is what we do. For each amazing out of the box action worth recognition you are rewarded.

May 19 - Black MarketEdit

  • Black Market weapons: Fight your foes with their own weapons!

June 25 - Happy BirthdayEdit

  • Happy Birthday Battlefield Heroes! One year past open beta release. Some closed beta players reminisce about the good ole CB times. A 2-day XP Boost, a 2-day VP Boost and 25 Terrific Health Tonics code was given out to all players!

June 28 - Football FiestaEdit

  • Soccer ball and Festive Flare widgets,New fifa world cup styled soccer emotes for battle funds and valor points. Join The Football Fiesta! Facepaints are now available for all qualified teams in the World Cup. You can buy as many as you want.
    If the face paint of the team you buy ...
    • Comes in Third: You get a bronze medal for your hero!
    • Comes in Second: You get a silver medal for your hero!
    • Comes in First : You get a GOLD medal AND a GOLDEN weapon! That's right, gold! These gold weapons are basically the BFBC2 weapons re-skinned to gold.

Aug 15 - Fiesta RewardsEdit

  • Golden guns were handed out to those who supported Spain as they won the World Cup! Congrats Spain! Also a big congrats to Netherlands for second place, and Germany for third place!

Sept 07 - Fiesta RewardsEdit

  • Fixed errors when inviting friends from Facebook
  • Added statistics for Alpine Assault on the website

Sept 14 - Medal of HonorEdit

Sept 22 - Deal of the DayEdit

  • The first Deal of the Day giving discount on certain items for a short period of time.

Sept 27 - Referral and PM fixesEdit

  • Friend referrals database fixes
  • PM functions and forum fixes

Oct 04 - MoH alternative setsEdit

Oct 18 - Halloween 2010Edit

  • Halloween 2010: Zombies, skeletons, werewolf's, vampires all make a return for Halloween. This time they brought some friends. Headless Heroes are now available in the store!
  • First time funding bonus bug fix

Oct xx - Ghost OPSEdit

Dec 01 - Christmas 2010Edit

  • Christmas 2010 announced! Santa and Niklaus bring couples of new stuff like explosive presents.

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