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Jan 11 - Dead SpaceEdit

Feb 04 - MountaineersEdit

Mar 04 - Alpiner's DateEdit

Female Roy Concept Art
  • The Alpiner's Date event came to an end and the winner got some clothing. More notable is the attached image from a royal heroine (the "alpiner date") which causes rumors about female items in some time.

Mar 08 - 7.000.000 registered usersEdit

Lucky seven
    • A reedemtion code was given out that gives 77BF, 77 Tonics and 77 Wrenches for free!
    • For a limited time of 7 days only you can grab a deal of a lifetime with Bundle Number 7 which offers 7 day XP boost, 7 day Sarge's Stamina boost, 7 day VP boost and 777 Terrific Health Tonics all for fabulous price guessed it 777 BF!

Mar 21 - Kommandant's Daughter & Punk HeroesEdit

Female Nat Concept Art.png
  • Theme change to Punk Heroes
  • Second "Draw a female hero" event called Kommandant's Daughter comes to an end. The chosen entry goes the second concept art of a national heroine.
  • First female characters ever realeased now: Punk Heroines
  • New Punk Weapons in store.

Apr 05 - PeacocksEdit

Peacocks Highlight
  • The Forum Peacocks [1] now are able to buy real ingame peacocks (Captain Shop, Pricing discussion reveals insider joke). How ironic that they cost petty 6995 Battlefunds (~50€) to test the maximum funding variance and willingness of payers. At least it seems like the dev team finally found their wacky way back, although the lastest items weren't created for basic and freeloader-friendly use e.g. Punk Weapons.

Apr 12 - EasterEdit

  • The Easter Sets and missions spoiled in the last version are now finally released during this game maintance.

Apr 28 - P4F Forum TagsEdit

  • The web downtime which also required the game to be taken offline (Combined into one maintenance instead of 2) contained 2 small changes.
    1. BFP4F items should not show up on the BFH website anymore any more, whether that means stumbling upon them or trying to redeem a BFP4F code in BFH. Something 99% of people won't notice. (Requires game AND web downtime)
    2. Moving people to the new forum user groups recieving the P4F forum tags. (Requires web downtime)

May 02 - VIP FixEdit

  • The VIP revoking from servers was a bi product of the last update and was NOT intended. This has been fixed today.

May 16 - Reward SystemEdit

May 18 - Summer of Heroes - PiratesEdit

Jack's Swashbuckler
Blackbeard's Buccaneer
  • A Pirate of the Caribbean related theme herald the Summer of Heroes. It's questionable if they upcoming updates will please the community with new features. Today's content were new pirate outfits, pistols and widgets for both Factions and at least a small bugfix on the bugged missions.

June 15 - Summer Of Heroes - SuperheroesEdit

  • Second part of the Summer of Heroes. The new sets come along some small animation tweaks and bugfixes.

June 26 - lulzsec hacked BFHEdit

  • The lulzsec community hacked the Heroes database with an old beta version and stole E-Mail and passwords of 500k Closed Beta Players. The downtime of the game and website to shut down the security leak took 2 full days and moved the next events some days to the future.

June 29 - 2nd anniversary and new languagesEdit

  • Game and website now available in 8 new languages: Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.
  • BFH turned 2 years old and is celebrated with an artwork event.

June 30 - Birthday gifts!Edit

  • Birthday gifts are here! Party Hats (unlimted), Naked Body (7 days), Naked Legs (7 days), 77 BF and Festive Flares (25) for both factions. It will expire on July 7th.

July 7 - Wicked Wake!Edit

  • Wicked Wake is released to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Heroes.

July 18 SMS Payment in more Countries!Edit

  • Mexico, India, Hungary, Switzerland, Romania, Ukraine join the fun buying BF with the mobile phone.

July 20 - Summer of Heroes - Wizards!Edit

July 22 - Royal Rumble on PTEEdit

July 25 - News layoutEdit

  • The frontpage get's an overhauled news structure. The big top banner was moved to a smaller icon on the left side.

July 27 - Google Plus Forum CodeEdit

  • A new forum code called [plus] was intruduced. It's intended to provide feedback to the thread's creator, but it's still very buggy.

July 28 - CC HotHEdit

What's in this game maintance? HATE wrote:
A bug fix or three, some extra helpings of love, and CC HoTH.

July 29 - Minecraft T-ShirtsEdit

Minecraft Promo

Aug 3 - HotH for CC, BB, SS2, RREdit

  • The V2 Vengeance Game Mode invades more and more maps. Have fun capturing even multiple rockets and gain some easy XP.

Aug 16 - Firefox 6 SupportEdit

  • The client starter addon now is compatible with Firefox 6.

Sept 08 - Design your own T-Shirt!Edit

Community Shirts Royal
Community Shirts National
  • We would like for you to design ONE or TWO images (One per faction) that will be made into t-shirts and added to the game.

Sept 14 - Flyday Heroes returnEdit

  • Grab your goggle and take to the skies as the Flyday Heroes arrive on the Battlefield. Rule the air as the tactical Royal Aviator and dominate your opponents as the fearless National Ace.
  • The Supply Drops appear in the Hot Deals section.

Sept 20 - Design a shirt: The chosenEdit

  • CriscoSpectrum and LeoMouraBR brought their shirts into the game.

Sept 22 - Name Royal RumbleEdit

Sept 27 - Firefox 7 SupportEdit

  • Upgraded forum software to MyBB 1.6
  • Added support for Firefox 7
  • Fixed "Read more and discuss" localisation for additional language homepages

Sept 28 - Spot a Dino!Edit

  • That's right, we are celebrating the upcoming and long awaited release of Battlefield 3 with Dinosaurs and that's not all, the EA staff are getting in on the action as well by wearing their Dino helmets and playing in-game! Snap a screenshot of an EA staff member or selected helpers in a Dino helmet, write a creative caption for the screenie and submit in the topic here to be eligible for your very own Dino helmet with an unlimited duration!

Sept 29 - Tyrannosaurus Rags ContestEdit

  • Put on your Battlefield 3 t-shirt, don your dinosaur helmet (and NOTHING else). Click Play Now and streak the first server you join. Go on foot from one uncap base to the other, emote any players you see. You can't be invisible, use any abilities, nor any widgets that do damage. Video record your journey, upload it to YouTube and post the video link: there are two permanent dinosaur helmet items in-game to win!

Sept 30 - Tyrannosaurus Rags ContestEdit

  • Grab your free BF3 T-Shirts and trial Dino Heads today!.

Oct 3 - Spot a Dino - contest results Edit

  • Chimpie, kraXel, LeonvZ, Pootleshooter, Rogue-03 and xabk: Each one of you will receive one free T-Rex helmet and one free Raptor helmet.

Oct 4 - Fashion Victim AwardsEdit

Oct 7 - Fashion Victim Awards WinnersEdit

  • Congratulations are in order for wwojtek22 and Thundertamer.

Oct 7 - Tyrannosaurus Rags Contest WinnersEdit

  • Congratulations Fredriiik & Notyou, you won a permanent dinosaur helmet each!

Oct 13 - HotH on Sunet ShowndownEdit

Oct 19 - Halloween / Perilous PortEdit

  • Halloween 2011 turned out as a total success. The dev team did a great job on marketing, items and maps.
  • Free Rewards with rare items, golden machete and halloween shirts [2]
  • Perilous Port released

Oct 21 - Offer walls via SponsorPayEdit

  • We have come up with a new way to earn free Battlefunds!

Nov 1 - Halloween is overEdit

  • All 6 Halloween sets were removed from the store.
  • Halloween Rewards expired

Nov 17 - Something draws near!Edit

Something draws near
  • A very pixeled image spoiled the upcoming release and the community has been in charge to unlock the answers. They had to complete 4 tasks to improve the quality and get the clear image at Monday.

Nov 20 - Something Draws Near - The Reveal!Edit

Nov 21 - Unlock Dragon's Azure Fire and Drake's Crimson Fire.Edit

  • You could unlock recolored versions of Dragon's and Drake's Fire via Reward missions till December 1st.

Nov 23 - New Katanas For CommandosEdit

Nov 25 - StarFighter needs a sigEdit

  • Help the new producer to create a signature. You can win a rare item, which will be most likely the bronto head.

Dec 01 - Christmas 2011Edit

  • Same procedure as every year: A calendar including some free rewards and loads of new content for Christmas 2011.

Dec 25 - The ClawEdit

  • Everyday a free Item, you even have a chance to grab them with The Claw for unlimited duration. You can buy extra rounds for 99 BF.

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