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Jan 13 - Cain's Community Corner #1 Edit

Jan 15 - Introducing Play4Free Funds Edit

Jan 25 - Vehicle Mayhem Edit

  • Dress up your heroes with Wasteland sets to be prepared for the Vehicle Mayhem.
  • Homing Missile, Anti-tank rifle and Welding Tool will makes hard a tanker's day.
  • The Claw gets a global player spin feed!
  • Perilous Port Day comes along an improved Capture the Flag game mode.

Feb 02 - Superbowl Sports Weekend Edit

Superbowl Highlight
  • Sports Weekend is here and it's time to gear up in celebration of one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Support your favourite team in the Super Bowl™ right from the battlefield. How will you do that? Well they have introduced items in The Claw where you can spell out your team's nickname by using your very own Hero as a letter!
  • Unlock a new map ("Minto Mill") by spelling a word using 4 or more letters in game with other people, and post a screenshot of it in this thread. Any that we like, we will post on Facebook and Twitter.

Feb 06 - NY Giants DotD, 200k Facebook Likes Edit

  • Today's Deal of the Day celebrates the Superbowl victory of the NY Giants with a discount of the according letters.
  • Facebook 200 K Likes reward - 2 Day Xp Boost, 2 Day VP Boost, 2 Day Stamima Boost, 20 Bandages, 20 Tonics, 20 Jeep Ram, and 20 Jeep Jump!

Feb 14 - Valentines Day Edit

Valentine reward royal
Valentine reward national

Feb 15 - Scientists Edit

Feb 23 - Mini Web Store and Weekly LeaderboardsEdit

  • The majority of the displayed icons on the website, such as The Claw, the hero profiles and Forum tag icons, now display a mini web store on mouseover. No need to start the client anymore for purchases.
  • The web overhaul also included a revamp leaderboard, the style has been reworked, a royal-national balance bar added and weekly and monthly leaderboards follow in a week. You'll have to play at least 2h with a hero to get a chance to be on a leaderboard rank.
  • More server locations added: Sweden, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, and Italy

Mar 08 - Spot the Dev / Mass Effect 3 PromoEdit

ME3 Spot the Dev
  • Can you spot the dev wearing an N7 shirt? Capture a screenshot and win some Funds.
  • Grab your free N7 shirts the follwing day.

Mar 15 - The Robots have arrived!Edit

  • Brass-Bender and Destroyer Drone substitute the common Heroes on the battlefield which are needed for the experimental space program.
  • Added Buccaneer Bay CtF
  • Bug Fixes
  • Added new weapons, with alternate fire mode (SMG's and MG's)

Mar 21 - New Client DesignEdit

  • The login and customization menu got a fresh new look.
  • A filter for Map and Game Mode was added to the Match Making
  • Filter for vehicle/infantry was dropped
  • Mugshots now have a higher quality

Apr 02 - Easter sets come back with profile update!Edit

Apr 12 - New Website DesignEdit

  • A fresh new look that goes along the new client design. The functionality suffers in a huge manner and hopefully this will be improved.
  • Community Discussion Thread

Apr 13 - Friday 13th and B-DaysEdit

Apr 18 - Heroes landing on the MoonEdit

May 3 - Rental Server ShirtsEdit

  • From now on you recieve exclusive shirts for renting a server. They last for the duration of the server rental.

May 16 - Desperados are here!Edit

  • Desperados coming from the wild west and shooting at high noon. The masked Luchadores follow them step by step.
  • Riverside Rush now has a Capture the Flag Game Mode.
  • Several Web Changes, these include localized web to Brazilian Portuguese, font is changed across the website, Play now button hover effect, login fields alignment in all browsers and smoother buttons corner roundness.
  • Hero slot limit is increased to 12

June 07 - Grab your jersey for a golden gun!Edit

  • EM 2012 with facepaints, jerseys and golden guns!

June 13 - Midage KnightsEdit

  • New theme Knights!
  • New Direct linking to code redemption page with this code:

June 25 - 3rd Birthday CelebrationEdit

Battlefield Heroes turns 3 years old!01:32

Battlefield Heroes turns 3 years old!

July 5 - Permanent Weapons for VPEdit

July 13 - Spooky SaleEdit

  • The Halloween sets are once again available for a weekend.

July 20 - Merchandise Store is now liveEdit

  • Via Facebook you now can buy two popular black BF:Heroes shirts and two kinds of mousepads! The fan article shop is planned to be implemented on the official page as well.

July 23 - Morning Mayhem and Sport SetsEdit

  • New map Morning Mayhem comes with a Conquest Game Mode
  • In awareness of the Olympic Games the first Sport Outfits Track&Field were published. More content was announced in the changelog.
  • Addressed a security issue in registration flow
  • Addressed some SEO issues
  • Added possibility to create news on frontpage in Polish

Aug 14 - Hardboiled HeroesEdit

  • Ties and suits, a must for Agents like Ekks and Cobb. From time to time they wear fancy aliens on their shoulders, but this is reserved for the really passionate ones.

Sept 19 - Inland Invasion by Veteran HeroesEdit

Sept 27 - Barbershop opens his gatesEdit

  • The Barbershop suprisingly came real, the fresh look ain't cheap but may be worth it. Another success of community suggestions btw.
  • The number of requests and relations groups and players can have (fans, favorites, friends) was limited to 5000.
  • Moved recruit-a-friend widget to top of the page

Oct 13 - Heroes of Halloween 2012 Edit

Battlefield Heroes - Heroes of Halloween 201202:29

Battlefield Heroes - Heroes of Halloween 2012

  • The dark forces approach. Added Torgoth's Torment set and Valac's Wicked set. Later added Reaper's skeletal set and Icabod's twisted set.
  • New weapons were released, along with a challenge to unlock the new Halloween themed Rocket launchers.

Nov 14 - Punk Heroes 2 Edit

  • The Punk Heroes have brought new friends and continue with new weapons, clothing and emotes.
  • The long awaited prestige rank indicator was introduced, the critics now demand for more advanced HUD options.
  • A new merchandise store was announced [1]
  • The getStoreItem abuse was brought under control
  • Fixed crashing homepage after login for users with broken default hero
  • Corrected instructions displayed after redeeming a code

Dec 1 - Christmas 2012 Edit

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