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Jan 16 - Robots V2 Edit

  • Added new robots
  • New weapons, made from the resources mined on moon
  • Started the 'Epic story'

Feb 22 - Aliens Edit

  • For the first time, the wish of scientific communities to aliens join the battle has come true
  • Grab the Alien technologies
  • For the first time, Supply Drop marketing strategy has started, making all sets available only through Supply Drops

Mar 18 - Bikers Edit

Apr 3 - The War Room beta Edit

Apr 15 - Premium account Edit

  • Introduced premium accounts

Apr 17 - Steampunk Heroes and Helicopters Edit

  • Added Helicopters
  • Celebrate with new steampunk themed sets and Needles
  • Added Helicopters to Sunset Showdown and Wicked Wake

Apr 18 - War has begun! Edit

  • War room is officially out, with bigger rewards and bigger battles

May 15 - Monsters! Edit

  • Added monsters
  • Added new, ridiculous weapons such as Beehives and stealth guns
  • Reworked Matchmaking

Jun 13 - Monster Slayers Edit

Jun 25 - 4th Birthday Edit

  • Cakes, Birthday shirts and ties only obtainable in War Room!

Jul 17 - Civil War Edit

  • Added Civil War sets
  • Added new repeaters and Golden Weapons
  • Introducing Game Finder, the all-new server browser

Jul 17 - Hip Hopper Edit

  • Added Hip Hop sets, Mic Mastah Icebreaker and MC' Ferocious

Okt 30 - Halloween Edit

Dec 01 - Christmas Edit

  • First Christmas without a calendar or trailer, but everyone give its best nontheless. Giveaways, a community calendar, some special events and the secret santa still remain! New sets include Seb's Survivalist Set and Theo's Thermal Set.

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