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February 02 - Native Sets Edit

Resembling a bit the well known Savage Heroes, this time native american sets are now up for purchase. Dress your feathers and raise the tomahawk, if you're not smoking a pipe of peace.

April 20 - Easter Chickens Edit

Returning classics as Donny Darko and Casey Rabit were followed by Easter Chickens.

June 10 - Football Fiesta Edit


Fiesta! This year again with face paints and stolen golden waeapons. Those who missed the opportunity 2010 now get the chance to grab these indeed rare items.

June 25 - Fith Birthday Edit

  • 3 Royal shirt and 3 National shirts for everyone!
10527.png 10525.png
  • 3 Royal jackets and 3 National jackets for premium heroes!
10526.png 10524.png

October 22 - Halloween 2014 Edit

Cult leaders try to draw you on their side. Be careful what you fall for.

December - Christmas 2014 Edit

Happy holidays by the EAsy team! A community orientated calendar spices things up [1].

New snowball launchers were available for 500 VP in the Premium store [2].

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