A well known curiosity is the "orange" or "golden" hero name. It's existing since Closed Beta and still worth to mention.

How it worksEdit

The game engine uses a specific syntax to color specific words or phrases orange, e.g. in the Tutorial or the Tips of the Day.

It does not represent any server admin, EA representative or moderator. It's a simple glitch, not more.


The numbers 1,2,3 and 4 can be replaced by any other letter, sign or number. It just has to be 4 in total.

For example:


Will show as:

VitalBullet in orange.


Although a colored hero name may look cool it has a high abusive potential. New and unexperienced players may be impressed by a orange named one and give out private data in believe of an EA representative as mentioned above.

Secondly many cheaters use this code to hide their actual "real" username and hope for more anonymity. But the nametag reveals it un-colored in opposite to the leaderboard. So being dressed in orange is a very small indication to be faced a cheater.

Furthermore the code generates the rare "Capture Bug" which makes flags and rockets un-capable for one faction. This happens if the |c1234 is only used once, but not closed with a second one. This makes the game engine "waiting" for the close syntax that never comes.


Current behaviour is that reported players with orange names are being renamed randomly. If you report yourself, you may have the option to choose the new name yourself. Banning the complete account probably only happens if the reported player violated against other naming policies or game rules as well.


Since long time the | sign isn't accepted during the naming process anymore. Nontheless there're one more work-around which won't be enlightend here. Disabling the code in general ain't usefull as it's a natural game feature.

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