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Normally, heroes can only access the weapon skins of guns for their own Faction. However since Pilfered and Stolen Weapons were added to the game during Black Market offers, players can now access the Royals skins of weapons when they are on the Nationals and vice versa (i.e. A National gunner that could normally only access The Backscratcher can now access the Royal counterpart in form of The Cheeser).

They come at a greater cost however you can fight your foes with their own weapons! The difference to the faction's own skins is purely cosmetic but using the opposing factions weapons gives an element of using their own weapons against them, true to the humorous, light-heatedness of Battlefield Heroes.

All Black Market weapons are tagged with a prefix: pilfered for royal and stolen for national.


The pilfered/stolen weapons are currently available for all Weapons except: