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They are highly damaging at close range, with the ability to down soldiers in one clip at point blank. However, at medium range and up, you should rely more on longer range weapons, such as the LR pistol.


The stats are the same for all weapons excluding a difference between the tiers. They are just reskinned or availible as pilfered or stolen versions for the opposite faction.

Short Range Pistols
Tier Skin Weapon Description Pilfered
Tier 1 Standard 3056.png Garreth's Custom 3130.png
3055.png Florenz' Flurry 3140.png
3162.png Garreth's Dapper Custom 3131.png
3167.png Florenz' Stylish Flurry 3142.png
Tier 2 Super
3181.png Garreth's Super Custom 3132.png
3180.png Florenz' Uber Flurry 3143.png
Tier 3 Modern 3196.png Micro SMG No
3199.png TEC-9 No


Does most damage right in front of the enemy, so try to sneak towards him or hunt him with Elexir.