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Play4Free is a collection of the best free to play online games offered by EA. Of course there's always an option for a financial support of these games for example through buying a digital currency (Play4Free Funds). Otherwise these games couldn't neither be updated nor become successful without a solid economic base.

Ironically, EA's greed resulted in the downfall and eventual closure of Play4Free and all it's related games.

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BF:Heroes is the "main frigate" of this new Play4Free branch under EAsy and other EA studios. These games use a micro-transaction economic scheme where the game is available for anyone to join and all features are available to use, but key features are "locked" until they get purchased to enhance the game for the paying player. This system has proven to be successful around the world before and is widely used by other companies like Nexon (specially on the Asian market) since only a handful (around 6%) of the active players need to be part of the constant income for the game to succeed and don't risk to be closed or be out of business. {C}The success of this game in the current market is the main reason for the development of Battlefield Play4Free, which is the current "adventure" of the team, a game where features are constantly added and tested to be later added to the other EAsy games (mainly, BFH).

The different developer studios of their respective titles can be found in the description to each game.

Listed GamesEdit

Battlefield HeroesEdit

Originally developed by DICE and now continued by EAsy (Stockholm/Sweden).

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

Also developed by the Heroes team since start of 2010. Many BFH players feel that Heroes was abandoned and fear that the lack of core developement for Heroes continues till BF:P4F has nearly the same state. Now P4F and BFH developer groups are seperated again, both under EAsy.


Card trading game developed by EA Phenomic (Ingelheim/Germany).

Lord of UltimaEdit

This strategic browser game is developed by EA Phenomic (Ingelheim/Germany).

Need for Speed WorldEdit

Free online version of the famous NFS series. It's a cooperation between EA Black Box (Burnaby/Canada) and EA Singapore (Singapore).

Wrath of HeroesEdit

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes is the newest Play4Free title from BioWare that puts players in a fight for their lives with competitive PvP arena combat. These explosive three team battles aren’t for the faint of heart as success hinges on destroying all who oppose your team to strategically claim and hold bases.

Wrath of HeroesEdit

Unlisted GamesEdit

FIFA OnlineEdit

Finished Closed Beta and is not ready to use atm.

Dragon Age JourneysEdit

Precursor of Dragon Age Legends by Bioware.

Dragon Age LegendsEdit

Developed by Bioware. Still free to play but unlisted.

Tiger Woods OnlineEdit

Golf game, not listed as Play4Free game anymore

Mirror's Edge 2DEdit

Developed by Bornegames in cooperation with EA.