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General Information Edit

In every online community several aggressors try to harm the gaming experience of other players for their own satisfaction. To get rid of them a couple of measurements were created and tested by the EAsy developer team. So far no effective solution has been found.

Players can be reported for:

  • Using discriminating or humiliating language
  • Putting effort in getting account details and other scams
  • Using hacks and third party tools to gain unfair advantage
  • Abusing glitches
  • Stats padding

It's wasted effort to report players for:

  • Abusing server admin rights
  • Using strong language
  • Being short time AFK on HotH

Players can't be reported for:

  • Hunting you down several times due to their superior skill. Note that this is the most common reason for cheat reports.
  • Capping the last flag during the CtF game mode
  • Not capping the last flag during the CtF game mode
  • Using paid advantage
  • Base raping
  • Spawn camping

Current Situation Edit

The Community Team left a statement about the current situation[1] and the unresolved / unhandled reports in the Report problematic players Forum section.

Even though there are enough Moderators out to handle every single report, every evidence must be reviewed by an official EA employee before being sent to the EA wide community support, that has the rights and task to ban violators. If a ban is performed, a confirmation is send back to the Community Team who arrange the according forum reports to be validated and closed.

This process takes up a lot resources from the CT and is the main reason for the lack of presentable results in specific detection and handling of violators.

Previous Approaches Edit

In used order

Report Function Edit

The classic report function[2] was the first and long time only way to report problematic players. If clicked you could select the nature of issue:

  • I want to report a possibly inappropriate user- or character name
  • I want to report a possible hacker/cheater.
  • I want to report a player for using bad language in the game

Reasoning of failure:

  • Technical difficulties
  • Too little official manpower

Report to CT Edit

Short after the report function suffered under technical difficulties, the mean of reporting was altered to a report inbox, that simply was a new created account's private message inbox[3].

Reasoning of failure:

  • Too little official manpower
  • Higher priority on main tasks

Dedicated Cheat Support Edit


Reasoning of failure:

  • Not efficient enough / cost effective

Dedicated Forum Section Edit

The latest approach was to let the Moderators separate the wheat from the chaff and forward the report to the Community Team[4]. Unfortunately this extends the process and there are still too many reports left to be handled in time.

Reasoning of failure:

  • Too many checkpoints to pass until a successful ban
  • Too little official manpower

References Edit

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  3. ReportInbox
  4. Help us ban the bad guy

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