Pocket Jeep Highlight

Pocket Jeeps were first availabe through a newsletter containing Reedem Codes for the new Widgets (10 free uses). They spawn an existing jeep right in front of you, so these won't work at infantry only maps like Riverside Rush, Midnight Mayhem and Perilous Port.


Your character pulls out a remote device and presses the big red button on the device causing a cloud of smoke to form before you. Once the smoke dissipates, a Jeep of your faction will appear in front of you.

Time Delay:

Once you use the widget there is approximately a 2 second delay before your jeep will spawn before you.


This widget will not work if you are near another jeep, it also has restrictions as to where you can spawn the jeep.

People wishing to test it out in the tutorial will find that this widget does not work.

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