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Premium account is addition to standard account, adding bonuses and perks in the website. Premium accounts are subscription based and require certain amount of funds to unlock it's perks. Once time of subscription runs out, all premium features will be disabled, but player will be not required to pay again.

Premium additionsEdit

Player which buys a premium account gets several perks and bonuses:

  • An extra Daily Claw spin
    • Bonus Daily claw spin works exactly like normal
  • Certain Number of Treasure chest Keys
    • Treasure chest key add is based on following formula: 1 key per 5 days of premium subscription
    • Treasure chest keys are added all at once at the time you pay for subscription
  • Access to Premium store
  • Free VP Boost and XP Boost
    • Boosters run out when premium subscription runs out
  • Free access to Barbershop

Premium subscription is offered in three different bundles:

  • 30 Days, 6999 Funds + 6 Keys
  • 90 Days, 16999 Funds + 18 Keys
  • 180 Days, 24999 Funds + 36 Keys

Premium storeEdit

Premium store is an official website section which only Premium members can use. Other players can only look into premium store, but cannot buy items and item bundles from it. Several types of deals in the premium store exist.


Premium store.

Premium offers:

Premium offers work similar to Deal of the Day, but the process is automatized. Each rotation chooses 12 random in-game store items, wich all have through the day discount of 60%. Deals update at the same time as Daily Claw? (confirmation needed)

Main storeEdit

The main store sells content exclusive to premium members, fresh deals and gives them first new Outfits, Weapons and Supply Drops before anyone other can access them.

Early Access:Edit

Bundles/weapons tagged with Early Access button are completely new. Premium Players have first access to them.


Bundles or weapons that are discounted have certain discount on them. Older sets from vault or premium exclusive bundles tend to have this tag.


These items are available only in premium store, and cannot be found anywhere else. Currently all items have been available before in other ways before inclusion of Premium Store.


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