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The producers of EAsy who are in charge of overseeing development of this video game.

Julien DulioustEdit

Colonel_Jul wrote:
A quick intro on who I am. Most of you already found information about me, but let’s summarize that:
  • Yes, I am French, so any bribing to the Dev Team will be done in wine, cheese and baguette (yes, what a cliché!)
  • I previously worked on several free to play title like, NFS World or FIFA Online.
  • Yes, I am a monetization specialist, but my role in BFH will be to take your experience to the next level, so many things will change within the next 6 months! Be ready!

John AlmbeckerEdit


Jean-Charles GaudechonEdit

Executive producer

James SaltEdit

James Salt
Creative Director

Johan HusénEdit

Johan Husen
Development Director
What do you do on BFH?
As a Development Director my job is to make sure everything runs smoothly and gets released as planned.

Rasmus HallbergEdit

Development Director

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