These guys are responsibly for "Quality Assurance" (short QA) of EAsy's team. You'll notice them mostly on the PTE.

QA LeadEdit


Naseer AlkhouriEdit

Web QA Tester
What do you do on heroes?
I am the QA Engineer on the web and backend side of Battlefield Heroes. Basically I try to find as many bugs as possible before letting you guys help us find the rest. Currently I am working on features that you are going to absolutely love.

Siarhei PustynnikEdit

Web QA Engineer

Markus-Stefan ElsenEdit

Markus-Stefan Elsen
QA Tester

Mr. HandsomeEdit

Sexy dev with moustache

Secret QA guy, edited by Blackwyn

QA Tester
  • Account: Mr.Handsome
  • After some user ogled at a random guy in the first episode of Cain's Community Corner, the Producer Pim Holve spoiled that it's a QA guy. His forum posts have a golden border, means he got his own seperate user group. He likes horses and hola hoop and reveals with a false moustache at the second episode at Cain's Community Corner.
  • Right before he showed up the Account was changed from AVeryHandsomeMan to MrHandsome. Most likely they tried to hide him from the hero search.
  • [FIND THIS DEV] Who's this sexy guy working at DICE?

Laura BiancaEdit

Laura Bianca
QA Tester for Battlefield: Play4Free

Alex SashinEdit

QA Tester

Steve CoxEdit

QA Tester

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