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At multiple points in Battlefield Heroes' history, the 'Rambo' play style has evolved down many roads. It is frequently used by players who are either considered new to the game (in respect to other, more skilled players) or who use certain class builds.

Not unlike the movie hero the play style takes its name from, a Ramboing player will often work by his or her self, often as a Gunner or Commando, using abilities that boost their own personal combat effectiveness instead of supportive abilities, or use class abilities intended for team use (Leg It, Combat Medicine) to buff their own effectiveness, at the expense of the team.

The "perfect" class for the Rambo playstyle has changed over time; in the past, the Soldier was effective, because of the large blast radius and then-high damage output of Grenade Spam, and the boost in firepower that Burning Bullets offered. In more recent times, the Gunner class is effective for the playstyle, as the rate-of-fire of their Machine Guns and the healing abilities of Frenzy Fire's more recent incarnations make it harder for enemies to put them down effectively, while also making themselves more accurate. The Commando is the sole class built around the idea of Ramboing - though it isn't considered such in their case, as they are more accurately described as 'lone wolves' and 'cold snipers'.