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Heroes-of-the-rising-sun Cannons
These asian themed weapons came along the Heroes of the Rising Sun.

Dragon CannonsEdit

The Dragon Cannons or Dragon launchers are Gunner-only RPGs that release a 2-round ballistic rocket. Gunners who could attain 400 kills with the weapons before November 30th could obtain a specially-colored one - red for Nationals and blue for Royals. The cannons were considered very overpowered at the time due to their high explosion range and bouncing capability. Because of this, after November 31st a patch was made that significantly decreased their range and damage. Nontheless they kept their nickname derpzooka.

3208.png 3210.png Dragon's Fire
Drake's Fire
3209.png 3211.png Dragon's Azure Fire
Drake's Crimson Fire


Rising sun dragons fire reward

Dragon's Azure Fire
Do 400 kills with Dragon's Fire before December 1 and get the exclusive Dragon's Azure Fire.
You need to unlock this reward

Rising sun drakes fire reward

Drake's Crimson Fire
Do 400 kills with Drake's Fire before December 1 and get the exclusive Drake's Crimson Fire.
You need to unlock this reward

Samurai SwordsEdit

3214.png 3215.png Sensei's Striking Edge
Satoru's Cold Steel
Rising Sun Heroes Sword Fighters

Commando close-range edged weapons similar to the Machetes. Although slow, they have a very high damage output. However, they are generally unpopular.

Links Edit

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