The maximum effective range of this knife is 4 (super/uber 5) metres. It has a velocity of 10 m/s multiplied by 0.2 seconds to live, this makes 2 metres withing the shot must hit. If so, the invisible "bullet" explodes and deals additional damage to all victims within 2 (super/uber 3) metres.

Royal Knife Edit



Royal Knife Edit

Royal Dapper KnifeEdit

Royal Super KnifeEdit

The behaviour of this knife is more like a sword, the increased range and damage makes it one of the most effective Commando weapons. During the release of the Super Knife it has been nicknamed as Royal Excalibur, a holy sword.

Tactics and PlaystylesEdit

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If one wishes to be a successful knifer, it is highly recommended that they acquire level 5 Stealth as soon as possible.

A style that has always been popular is the Knife and Pistol Commando, which is played somewhat similarly to the Spy in Team Fortress 2. Using high-level Stealth to sneak up on enemies who are preoccupied shooting something else (such as sniper-commandos or Gunners), and using poison blade to make the attack more effective (although this gives your cover away), and/or rushing behind the enemy and attacking them repeatedly with the knife will generally put them down before they can respond (but it's a good idea to have a pistol ready in case they do catch on).

For those who want to be extremely sneaky don't put any points into Poisoned Blade since it can reveal you very easily... instead, invest in Elixir as a means of escape and avoidance when enemies see you. When your enemies are occupied or distracted, you can usually kill them by using lvl 5 Stealth and 3+ Elixir.

Model and SoundsEdit

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