Sarge's Fun Time Football

Sarge's Fun-Time Football

Sarge's Fun-Time Football were released when Football Fiesta was in BFH. It was the International Football Cup in South Africa. The Widget cost 200 VP for 5 uses and 140 BF for 50 uses.

"Toss the the ball into play and kick it around the battlefield!"

The widget doesn't really do anything. It won't harm you or you' enemy. If you touch it or shoot it, it will be tossed around. Note though, that after a bout a minute of playing with it, the widget will "explode" although it doesn't harm anyone. Has been to known to send people up in the air if they stand over it while it explodes.


  • How to play Football:
Battlefield Heroes Football Fiesta - New Football Widget02:24

Battlefield Heroes Football Fiesta - New Football Widget

  • Efficient use in fight:
Sarge's Fun Time Football Tactics00:32

Sarge's Fun Time Football Tactics

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