Sarge's Stamina Boost is a widget that is automatically equipped on purchase (such as the Fantastic Fireproof Underpants widget) but instead of uses, it has a duration. The Stamina Boost increases the users total HP by 10 (commandos would have 90 HP, soldiers would have 120 HP, and gunners would have 160 HP). This widget was introduced in the Kirlienko's Krafty Set/Hagard's Heroic Set update. This can be useful as it gives a good advantage in battle, especially to commandos as they have the least health. Note that bandages will heal you slightly more and combat medicine will heal you more (+4 hp per heal if Combat Medicine is at 5)

Price Options

  • 1 day: xxx VP
  • 1 week: xxx BF
  • 1 month: xxx BF


  • Although this widget cannot be bought for unlimited... It can be bought for a relatively long period of time (1 month)
  • This item is popular among BF millionaires and commandos as it gives them an extra crucial 10 hp and since commandos start at 80 this gives them a big advantage.