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A National Soldier with a Uber SMG

Second Tier weapons, also known as Tier Two weapons, are different series of weapons that have better stats than the original First Tier Weapons. These include various weapons sets of both the National Army and the Royal Army such as the Super and Uber Weapons, the Bad Company 2 Weapons and the Golden Weapons.

Tier Two weapons first appeared in the Winter Armistice update, also known for the introduction of the map Sunset Showdown, and were initially met by complaint from many players. Such complaints have more or less died down - the increase in DPS and generally magazine size simply became part of Battlefield Heroes.

Unbeknownst to most players, Tier Two weapons aren't very different from the Tier One weapons. Tier Two weapons include an increase of a critical hit chance by 0.1-0.3. They also hold more bullets than that of their counterparts, but it is generally not much; usually ranging from 3-10 bullet increase. The Tier Two weapons also come with a new look. But it should be noted that BF wise, these weapons are 560 compared to tier 1 weapons which are 145 which is almost a 4X pricing scheme. If you do not have much BF stick to the tier 1 weapons.