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Shaman's Mask is a Head item. Shaman's Mask is not real mask. It's a Rare Item for National's.

Shaman's Mask on Hot DealsEdit

Shaman Mask on Hot Deals (12

On hot deals

Year : 2013

Funds : 5,999

For Limited Time Only.

Captain Shop's article:Edit

- get your hands on the shaman mask while stocks last!Edit

These darn Steampunk fellas just won't get out of my shop. They keep moving things around and touching my things... it's downright frustrating though. I am reluctant to tell them to get lost though as one of them makes a smashing pot of team using his helmet as a pot. Anyway, they manage to pull out a box full of Shaman masks I forgot to put in the Premium Store last week. Well instead of sending them over there I am just going to put them in the window and leave them to a good old first come, first served sale. You can grab yours here while stocks'' last.


Captain Shop's article

Shaman's Mask is not in store right now.

''stock = 100 Shaman's Mask only

Shaman's Mask

Shaman Mask equipped by Fdpengu

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