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Shotgun Medium Range

Meant to be used at close-medium range, but fails at all ranges if in wrong hands. It does its job but requires very much skill compensation to beat enemies with this weapon as a primary.


The stats are the same for all weapons excluding a slight difference between the tiers. They are just reskinned or availible as pilfered or stolen versions for the opposite faction.

Medium Range Shotguns
Tier Skin Weapon Description Pilfered
Tier 1 Standard 3009.png Hubble's Double Trouble 3114.png
3010.png Steiner's Shotgun 3120.png
Tier 2 Super
3029.png Hubble's Super Double Trouble 3118.png
3034.png Steiner's Uber Shotgun 3126.png
Modern High chance to be scoped


A rare but useful build for the Soldier is a shotgun-pistol build. Using Steiner's Shotgun/Hubble's Double Trouble in conjuction with Gerhart's Greatest/Harry's Hand CannoncanproduceaSoldier capible of fighting at all ranges. It's best to use the default shotgun in conjunction with the pistol, as using the close range shotgun will hinder your mid-range capability.

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