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Shotgun Short Range


This weapon has a bigger cartridge capacity and rate of fire than its longer range counterparts. However, it also has much bigger bullet spread, and this severely cuts its effective range. It is a good sidearm for close quarters.


The stats are the same for all weapons excluding a slight difference between the tiers. They are just reskinned or available as pilfered or stolen versions for the opposite faction.

Short Range Shotguns
Tier Skin Weapon Description Pilfered
Tier 1 Standard 3082.png Stewart's Shotty 3116.png
3081.png Friedrich's Fly Swatter 3122.png
3163.png Stewart's Dapper Shotty 3147.png
3168.png Friedrich's Stylish Fly Swatter 3128.png
Tier 2 Super
3183.png Stewart's Super Shotty 3117.png
3182.png Friedrich's Uber Fly Swatter 3125.png


Pull it out as amazing secondary if a knifing commando tries to backstab you.

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