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Sniper Medium Range


The damage isn't that impressive but they have an acceptable speed and nearly no recoil. It's a great weapon for beginners and freeloaders. This is realy just a great weapon if you want to hide at your control point and fire at invaders.


The stats are the same for all weapons excluding a slight difference between the tiers. They are just reskinned or availible as pilfered or stolen versions for the opposite faction.

Slow Sniper Rifles
Tier Skin Weapon Description Pilfered
Tier 1 Standard 3013.png Oscar's Farshot 3072.png
3014.png The Gourmet 3077.png
Not availible
Tier 2 Super
3040.png Oscar's Super Farshot 3074.png
3024.png The Uber Gourmet 3085.png


Level up Piercing Shot as high as possible and avoid to be burned by Burning Bullets. You can try to quick-scope and do some mid-range melee attacks, it'll work successfully till the 20th level.


The super/uber version of this rifle has 10 bullets, allowing for prolonged sniper suppression. You would also be surprised to know it has the least recoil of all the snipers.

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