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Sniper Long Range


Slow firing sniper rifles are characterized by their slow firing rate, long range and high recoil. They deal a larger amount of damage than the standard sniper rifles, although this is counter balanced by the rate and recoil. They have the lowest damage per minute out of all the rifles and quick, precise aim is required to deal with the recoil fast enough to deal continuous shots.


The stats are the same for all weapons excluding a slight difference between the tiers. They are just reskinned or availible as pilfered or stolen versions for the opposite faction.

Slow Sniper Rifles
Tier Skin Weapon Description Pilfered
Tier 1 Standard 3146.png Pipsqueak's Popper 3070.png
3145.png Stefan's Sharpshooter 3078.png
3165.png Pipsqueak's Dapper Popper 3075.png
3170.png Stefan's Stylish Sharpshooter 3083.png
Tier 2 Super
3185.png Pipsqueak's Super Popper 3073.png
3184.png Stefan's Uber Sharpshooter 3080.png
Modern 3025.png M95 3076.png
3042.png SVD 3086.png
Golden 3092.png Golden M95 No
3093.png Golden SVD No


Kill the enemy with 2-3 Piercing Shots and escape before you'll be burned by Burning Bullets from another Soldier. If you hunt down single soldiers you won't need a higher PS than 3 cause he'll be dead with 3 Headshots in each case.

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