Due to some reliability issues regular weapons may have on the moon, or if someone were to accidentally discharge a weapon on board a rocket. National and Royal scientists during the brief period of peace worked tirelessly together to create new weapons that are both safe and deadly. They might keep you alive long enough to reach the moon due to the new safety measures preventing them blowing holes in your rocket, but they will unleash a world of hurt upon your enemies. It's time dish out the pew pew heroes... that is once the weapons have reached production that is... but keep your eyes peeled when they are shipped.


Type Weapon Description Pilfered
Icon MG
Icon Moderate
3217.png Omega Beamer
3240.png Eraser Ray
Icon Knife
Icon Close
3242.png Stellar Strike
3207.png Orbital Punch
Icon SMG
Icon Moderate
3000.png Space-night Special
3241.png Plasma Forty-Five


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