Trailer Guys

Here are listed the really first weapons, each one the one and only originator of his weapon type. In the very early Closed Beta only the Moderate Range versions were available. The according long and short range weapon are using the same weapon model, the difference is only damage, rounds per minute and sound. To have a visual difference in the client the icon images were rotated. Ubers/Supers or any of the stylish or modern counterparts don't fall into this category.


Type Weapon Description Pilfered
Icon MG
Icon Short
3003.png The Cheeser 3044.png
3004.png The Backscratcher 3057.png
Icon MG
Icon Moderate
3003.png Maxwell's Machinegun 3044.png
3004.png Rudi's Ridiculous 3057.png
Icon MG
Icon Long
3003.png Bernie's Bone Chewer 3044.png
3004.png Wolfgang's Wonderful 3057.png
Icon Shotgun
Icon Short
Icon Medium
Icon Long
3009.png Stewart's Shotty
Hubble's Double Trouble
3010.png Friedrich's Fly Swatter
Steiner's Shotgun
Uwe's Overpowered
Icon SMG
Icon Short
Icon Moderate
Icon Long
3011.png Tommy's Typewriter
Charlie's Chopper
Greg's Greasy Gun
3012.png Rudolf's Rescue
The Kommandant
The Wacky Machine Gun
Icon Pistol
Icon Short
Icon Moderate
Icon Long
3005.png Garreth's Custom
Carl's Cold Comfort
Harry's Hand Cannon
3006.png Florenz' Flurry
Ludwig's Loaded
Gerhart's Greatest
Icon Rifle
Icon Fast
Icon Moderate
Icon Slow
3013.png Roderick Rifle
Oscar's Farshot
Pipsqueak's Popper
3014.png The Groundbreaker
The Gourmet
Stefan's Sharpshooter
Icon Knife
Icon Close
3001.png Royal Knife No
3002.png Konrad's Knife No
Icon TNT
Vehicle Icon
3155.png Sticky TNT No
3156.png Sticky TNT No
Icon Grenade
Infantry Icon
3157.png Bill's Bomb No
3158.png Steel Hand Grenade No
Icon RPG
Vehicle Icon
3007.png Tank Buster No
3008.png Faust's Panzerfist No

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