A National Commando in Stealth



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"Hide yourself Stealth from the enemies." Is the most important and defining ability of the Commando. It enables the Commando to become invisible, allowing him to sneak up on other players. Contrary to popular belief, the level of the stealth does not affect how invisible the Commando is. It only affects the refresh time and the distance at which the Commando can be seen (see chart).

Unlike many other abilities, stealth does not have a time duration. Upon activating the stealth, the Commando will remain invisible until he attacks or is marked with Mark Target. Other players can still see the Commando if he gets too close, and visual affects from certain attacks and abilities can also leave the Commando exposed.

Royal Stealth 2136.png 2141.png National Stealth
Level 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5
Reveal Range 15 13 11 9 6
Refresh Time 28 25 21 17 13
Duration Until it's cancelled



Stealth is by far the Commando's signature skill. As a knifing Commando, maximizing Stealth is essential. This will allow you to sneak up on your enemies. Always try to sneak up on them from behind, as they would see you if you approached from the front. After you kill your target, it is best to hide in a safe place and wait for Stealth to recharge. This is why high level stealth is important. The higher level the stealth, the shorter amount of time it will take for it to recharge. This leads to less hiding and more knifing. Poisoned Blade and Elixir are very important backups just in case your attack doesn't quite work. As a knifer, it is also wise to bring a powerful, short-range pistol into the battle, rather than a Sniper Rifle.


Stealth is just as essential to snipers as it is to knifers. Always enabled stealth before aiming your sniper rifle. This will give you time to aim and make an accurate hit. Without it, you would likely be seen and shot down. Always aim for the head, and after killing your target, either hide until the stealth recharges or use elixir to run to a new sniping location. Try to place Troop Traps around your area before sniping, just in case someone knows where you are and comes looking for you. Piercing shot is very important for a successful sniper. Keep in mind, using this ability will create a large scope above your head and a loud sound affect. Despite your stealth, other players will probably see you. keep in mind that because the role of the sniper is to take down the powerful targets from a distance a high level of stealth isn't needed.


  • It's possible Battlefield Heroes' developers turned to competing game Team Fortress 2 for inspiration. The Stealth ability works, in many ways, like the cloaking watch used by TF2's Spy, with similar use.
  • If a Commando using Stealth launches a parachute, the parachute will be invisible as well.
  • Small clouds will appear around you when using the stealth and they will stay for about 1.5 sec. making you visible for longer. This often gets impatient commandoes killed.