Summer Of Heroes

This is an EA promotion that started on May 18th. As it seems, it is hinted that future set releases are based on movies throughout the promotion's length.

Buccaneers May 18thEdit

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Superheroes June 15thEdit

Captain America: The First Avenger

New Map July 7thEdit

Wicked Wake was released during the SoH. There was no direct connection to the predicted four sets or any other announcements, so it's questionable if it's part of it or simply a very addition.

Wizards July 20thEdit

Harry Potter 7 Part 2

New Gamemodes August 3rdEdit

Some more maps were armed with the V2 Vengeance game mode, named CC, CCN, BB, SS2 and RR. Like Wicked Wake there was no special relation to SoH.

Savage Heroes August 17thEdit

Conan The Barbarian

Royal RumbleEdit

HATE mentioned that two maps are going to be released during the Summer and it happened on October 19, 2011. Perilous Port aka Royal Rumble at night were included to the map rotation.

It can be argued that the date is a month later than the summer end, known as Halloween, but this is a point of view. In BF:P4F the server browser has been announced for summer as well and came at about the same time frame. Seems like the developers have difficulties to calculate release dates and/or work times.

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