Super Uber Knife and RPG

A National Commando clutching an "Uber" pistol

The "Super" Royal and "Uber" National series of weapons are what are known as the first Second Tier Weapons. This means that they perform better than "Tier One" basic weapons and cost much more in valor points. These weapons are available for any characters. Look for the differences between the tier stats on the overview page of each weapon type.

There was much controversy with the introduction of these Second Tier Weapons because Valor Points skyrocketed, making it hard to afford even a single "Tier One" weapon let alone afford an "Uber" or "Super" one. At the same time, Battlefunds dropped significantly, meaning a player could buy the unlimited versions relatively cheaply in real world money. One need only look through the outrage on the Battlefield Heroes forums to see the effect of this on a game that supposedly gave no advantages to paying players.


Super and Uber Weapons
Type Weapon Description Pilfered
Icon MG
Icon Short
Icon Medium
Icon Long
3003.png The Super Cheeser
Maxwell's Super Machinegun
Bernie's Super Bone Chewer
3004.png The Uber Backscratcher
Rudi's Uber Ridiculous
Wolfgang's Uber Wonderful
Icon Shotgun
Icon Short
Icon Medium
Icon Long
3009.png Stewart's Super Shotty
Hubble's Super Double Trouble
Super Slugger
3010.png Friedrich's Uber Fly Swatter
Steiner's Uber Shotgun
Uwe's Uber Overpowered
Icon SMG
Icon Short
Icon Medium
Icon Long
3011.png Tommy's Super Typewriter
Charlie's Super Chopper
Greg's Super Greasy Gun
3012.png Rudolf's Uber Rescue
The Uber Kommandant
The Uber Wacky Machine Gun
Icon Pistol
Icon Short
Icon Medium
Icon Long
3005.png Garreth's Super Custom
Carl's Super Cold Comfort
Harry's Super Hand Cannon
3006.png Florenz' Uber Flurry
Ludwig's Uber Loaded
Gerhart's Uber Greatest
Icon Rifle
Icon Fast
Icon Moderate
Icon Slow
3013.png Roderick Super Rifle
Oscar's Super Farshot
Pipsqueak's Super Popper
3014.png The Uber Groundbreaker
The Uber Gourmet
Stefan's Uber Sharpshooter
Icon Knife
Icon Close
3186.png Royal Super Knife 3069.png
3187.png Konrad's Uber Knife 3067.png
Icon RPG
Vehicle Icon
3175.png Super Tank Buster No
3008.png Faust's Uber Panzerfist No


  • The Super and Uber Machine Guns are not as useless for Frenzy Fire Gunners because this ability overrides the critical hits. The accuracy bonus remains, however.
  • The Super and Uber Rocket Launcher has a critical hit ratio not found in the original tank buster. However, it's not really any better than the normal one, even with the critical hits. This weapon can be called a ripoff, but it's designed to look like a ship's cannon that gunners lug on their shoulders, so it may be worth the price.
  • When Smooth sets came out, a PTE player posted images of models for Second Tier weapons in the PTE forums. At that point, it was believed the weapons would do light explosive damage (akin to a plane or an AA gun), allowing them to do "scratch" damage to tanks.

Royal weapons

  • A teaser for the Royal Super SMG was included in an advertisement for the 'Smooth Suit', when they were originally released for Valor Points. It included the notice "Weapon not included", but it succeeded in sparking speculation for a second tier of weapons.
  • The Royal Super Knife is often times referred to as 'Excalibur' by unhappy Nationals. This refers to the incredible difference between the default knives and the Supers/Ubers, with a third more range and damage.
  • The first weapon released during the Winter Armistice, the Friedrich's Uber Fly Swatter, marks the beginning of "tier two" weapons.

National weapons

  • The Uber Knife could be seen in an advertisement for the Thuggin' Outfit when it was first released for Valor Points. It, like the Royal's Smooth Suit, had the warning, "Weapon not included".
  • There seems to be the greatest difference between regular and super/uber knifes because the range is way better (+50%/3 meters).