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Swimming is usually considered as a death trap in any map featuring water. It is generally considered as an idiotic move as no damage can be dealt while swimming.

When reaching deep water you will begin to swim. You can use speed abilities or widgets in water to swim faster ensuring your survival (To a point). You will swim the faster swimming-style, Australian-Crawl if you use a speed-boost. Normaly your swimming style will be breast-stroke.

Unlike water in other games and in real life (Discluding water tension), water in Battlefield Heroes WILL NOT break your fall, so if you do get blasted away or choose to eject from a damaged plane, ALWAYS open your parachute, even if above water. When swimming you cannot shoot or use any kind of weapons.So try blast someone into water, which makes them a vulnerable target. If you die in the water, you will float. If you are in shallow water though, your jump height will be drastically reduced.

Notes & TriviaEdit

- Some players will have the Gentlemanliness to wait patiently for you to swim back to shore. Make sure you bandage before engaging in a fight with these gentlemen as they are usually higher skilled. If you do see a poor enemy fellow swimming, refrain from shooting him unless you are a noob looking for a decent KD. Respect the Gentlemen's code and respect others. After all, we're playing to have fun not to show off our positive KD or ridiculus ELO.

- When playing Perilous Port, it is not wise to swim the gap. Even though swimming the gap between the Royal's trees and the National's spawn point may seem like a good commando tactic, it is generall unwise as there will usually be players walking past entry points or snipers marking out that area for potential kills.

- You can still activate emotes, Hero Shield, Leg It, Elixir, Stealth, Combat Medicine, Bandage, Tonic and Piercing Shot while swimming.

- There are some 'Glitch Spots' in water adjacent to rocks where the player will stand on the rock and be able to use their equipment. Some Glitch Spots will force the player to stand and swim repeatedly in fast succession

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