The "Terrific Health Tonic" widget that heals 50 of your heroes health instantly. In comparison to Bandages it heals less but is instantaneous, while banages heal over time. This gives you a great advanatage in battle as you can, if timed right, give yourself at least 1/3 of your health back.

Item Valor Point Price Battlefund Price Totale Health Time
Supreme Bandage 100 per 10 uses 35 per 50 uses 73% of max 10+ sec.
Terrific Health Tonic 120 per 10 uses 65 per 50 uses 50 0 seconds


  • This widget is considered by many an unfair advanatage and will name others "Tonic Noobs" for using it..
  • It was originally released on the 10th day of the Winter Armstice update.
  • Tonics can also regularly be found in a Supply Drop.