Claw FAQ

The daily Claw is the latest website implementation in 2011. It has been the final Christmas present and allowes every player to get random Items, even those who are Battlefunds exclusive. There's are three duration types: unlimited (Weapons, Clothes, Emotes), time limited (Weapons, Clothes, Emotes, Widgets) and specific amounts (Widgets).

The claw allowes Freeplayers, who have never spent any cent on the game, to obtain a great amount of unlimited Items if they use their turn constantly. A step forward to reward loyal players more beside the tiny daily Mission.


Additional rounds cost 99 Battlefunds, now 599 Play4Free Funds, which neither influence the free claws nor have different chances.

With the currency change on 19th December 2012, the exra round was available for 1500 Valor Points, and shortly after adjusted to 1000 VP.


Claw Feed

25th December 2011: The first days after release you could get three free claws instead as special feature for christmas time. The margin times had been (UTC) 0:00/8:00/16:00.

27th December 2011:Soon the times have been adjusted because of data traffic reasons to 22:00/6:00/14:00.

29th December 2011: Now you have a single turn each day which lasts until 7:00 am.

25th January 2012: The claw get's a feed to see follow the spins of all players.


The speedclaw

15th February 2012: The claw now marks unlimited items with a *Star* on the top left corner. The claw now allows the player to select the speed of the claw, allowing the player to get a reward instantly without wait time or select when the claw stops themselves. Green indicates that the claw will instantly give you your reward, while Red indicates that you can choose when the claw stops.

18th December 2012: The claw ticking sound does not continue to play after closing the claw anymore.

19th December 2012: All store items were put in the store, this includes permanent weapons, clothes, all widgets and weapon customizations. Though this was done to decrease the pay-to-win accusions, the chance and amount of tonics, wrenches and fire proof underpants was drasticly reduced in favor of the massive amount of clothes. Furthermore no official data was given how the chances between time limited and permanent items were settled. Finally the weapon addons aren't available by VP anymore, so the argument of reducing the pay-to-win effect was pretty lame. It really has a very positive influence on the gameplay variation, but it wasn't worked out 100%.



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