Video Factory is a group of Battlefield Heroes players wich creates videos and machinimas.

The Video FactoryEdit

The Video Factory started on 17th of November 2012.

We're Entertaining people with our machinma's and other video stuff. TVF is Official Created by User:Tiwieti .


Our videos until now :

Projects 2012-2013Edit

BFH Harlem Shake  (Video / DONE!)

Projects 2013-2014Edit

  • Breakout-Alkatraz (Machinima)  [Coming soon]
  • [Conflict (trailer)]  (Video/DONE)
  • The Conflict serie ( playlist) [ Coming soon]
  • What if ... (Comic serie)     (Little serie / Not out)
  • Coming Machinima  (End 2013)

Contact usEdit


Twitter : @VideoFactoryBFH

PM : tiwieti


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