Treasure Chest

Every hero can collect up to ten treasure chests by damaging enemies. The crates drop randomly, so you get about 1 crate per two games depending on skill level and round time. Each hero can hold 10 chests at a time.

On the website and in game, you can watch your current amount of chests. Unlike presumed, you have to pay 499 Funds for a key in order to open them. For this reason they are very similar to the Supply Drops, but with a different content loadout and chances. It contains rare items like the colour changing dragons or limited time items. Before Alien theme started, Treasure chests gained a huge item cleanup, but these items were replaced with Robotic, Agent and Space themed items inside. This Clean-up have been announced as release-specific than, and before every release, new items are subsequently given and cleared up.

The keys are further used as reward for competitions in form of redeem codes or are even given out as Reward. During Halloween 2012 there's been a Bundle of keys on discount. Another time they landed as Deal of the Day and were announced to be part of the The Claw at some time. The Key Bundles have been since unknown time than keeped. Bundles are at 10, 25 and 50 keys, each with specific base discount.

What you can getEdit

Note! This list was updated as of February 5th 2014. In addition to the items below, the chests also contain a selection of widgets.[1]

Image Name Slot
10435.png Black Manga Hair
10448.png Purple Manga Hair
10436.png Desu Glasses
10433.png Murmillo Helmet
10430.png Elegant Horsehead
10444.png Herbalist's Hat
10445.png Mark of the Raccoon
10446.png Mark of the Snake
10439.png Mack's Fur Hat
10438.png Mack's Fur Coat
10460.png Bart's Big Moustache
10466.png Grouchy Glasses
10458.png Tiger Tights
10459.png Camo Tights
Image Name Slot
10434.png Red Manga Hair
10447.png Turquoise Manga Hair
10437.png Kawaii Glasses
10432.png Magnificent Horsehead
10443.png Warrior's Red Warpaint
10440.png Rocker's Misunderstood Hairdo
10449.png Rocker's Non-conformist Hairdo
10455.png Cheetah Tights
10454.png Pink Cheetah Tights
10456.png Striped Tiger Tights
10457.png Pink Tiger Tights


Key Bundles Highlight
  • Some players claimed the crate system from Team Fortress 2 was used as template for this feature, but it was stated to be planned on the long run.
Incorrect - this system was originally planned ages ago (a couple years). Though it was inspired by a similar system in another game..........just not TF2.
  • Two early bugs lead the keys to cost 999 Funds and charged 899 additional Funds again for winning an unlimited dragon. Both are fixed now and affected players were refunded.
  • There was another issue, when you will get charged for 999 funds, by winning Goddard's Goon/Ruflin Rufflian pistols, for 1 day.
  • Treasure chests previously costed 999 Funds


  1. Treasure Chest Update - September 12th, September 12th, 2013. Retrieved September 14th 2013.


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