A National Troop Trap

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"Place an explosive that will trigger when enemies approach too close or when shot"

Troop Trap is the ability of a Commando to place small explosives anywhere in the battlefield. This explosives detonate on impact, dealing out large amounts of damage. After the Superhero update, the Troop Trap has now the ability of causing poison damage over time. The Commando who dropped the Troop Trap will receive credit for the damage, and possibly the kill. They are usually placed along commonly used paths or in places where they won't be seen. Additionally, camping snipers sometimes plant them to protect themselves from knifers coming up from behind. They can also do damage to jeeps and tanks if run over.

Players can destroy enemy Troop Traps by shooting them at a safe distance, though this method sometimes harms the player. They can also be removed by the Gunner's I Eats Grenades ability.


Royal Troop Trap 2106.png 2111.png National Troop Trap
Level 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5
Explosion Damage 30 35 40 45 50
Poison damage 12 (12s Duration, 8 Intervals every 1.5s)
Refresh Time 23 21 18 15 12
Explosion Radius 12
Explosion Force 70
Trigger Radius 3
Duration 120
Maximum Amount 3


Troop Trap JumpEdit

When placed on the ground at the Commando's feet (or any object), Troop Traps can be shot at with a sniper rifle or pistol to create a powerful explosion that can propel him onto houses, cliffs and otherwise unreachable places. Just don't forget to engage your parachute! also, if you're using a pistol (and have a quick enough reaction time) if you look straight up and throw a TT if you can shoot it right when its in your crosshairs it will shoot you straight up providing a quick escape from knifers (can be mixed with other explosives like explained below).

Troop Trap ThrowEdit

Commandos often jump and throw their Troop Traps into a group of enemies. The jump gives the Trap extra momentum, and the "Troop Trap Throw" often causes much damage. (must be shot or another TT must already be present) also to lengthen the area that it flys jump and move backwards.

Troop Trap BombEdit

A rare and usally ineffective tactic is the Troop Trap Bomb. This occurs when a commando drops a Troop Trap into a group of enemies while flying on the wings of a plane.

Car TrapEdit

Place a Troop Trap next to a car, wait for an enemy and let it explode. Can be seen at the start of Big Bang I by Rosinieren aka MassiveImpulsa.

And here:

Gaining The EdgeEdit

The troop trap can be used to effectively weaken or kill other enemies who are getting too close for comfort. Simply place a troop trap in an expected enemy entry point, detonate the trap prematurely/maturely and finish up the remains.

Chain reactionsEdit

The troop trap like any other explosive has a large AoE radious. mix this with other explosives ( keg, easter egg, santas surprise, etc...) and you can instantly kill most of any infantry or vehicle forces should they come close enough (depending on how many people there are and how many explosives you have set). an easier way to do this is using "Banes amazing force" or "Frosts amazing force" (known as the "Wizard Widget") to move the enemy closer should they be aware of the trap waiting for them. that technique can be seen in "Big Bang 4" by "Gl:)" otherwise known as "massiveimpulsa" in BFH or "rosineren" on youtube.


  • In prior Battlefield games, the Troop Trap's role was filled by the (anti-vehicle only) Land mine used by the Engineer class. Incidentally, this gives Commandos a third role, as the traps can be placed in such a manner as to be placed in 'fields', not unlike the mines used by the Engineer, but due to the fairly light damage that traps do to heavy vehicles, like tanks, it can be assumed that the trap has too light of an explosive to do heavy damage.
  • A fairly easy way to tell a friendly trap from an enemy one is the color. Royal traps are bright green, while National ones are a dark grey. An easier (but more dangerous) way is to advance on it; if it blows up (and you take damage) , it's an enemy one, if it doesn't, it's either friendly or the "fuse" hasn't expired.
  • When a commando dies after placing the TT and hasn't respawned yet, there is no poison.