Things to do

  • Replace SignatureCheck.js with Sine
  • Add Map
  • Community Corner - Technical updates?
  • Add BackToTop script?

Old things

  • Sniper Rifles categorised by Speed instead of Range
    range=[[File:Icon Fast.png|link=Fast Speed]]
  • Super and Uber Weapons merge with Tier 2 Weapons? (S&U weapons Redirect --> Tier 2 Weapons)
  • weapon Intro template: reload = X --> X sec
  • Missing Weapon Renders:
    • Newly added Weapons
    • Uber Pistol
  • Class pages (especially Commando) needs clean-up

Weapon Categories

Note: Prefix ":Category:" is automatically added, only the bold word needs to be typed.

  • General Categories to be added to all weapons: Main, Faction, Class(es), Type, Range and Speed







Category Tree

  • 1. Customization Items
    • 2. Weapons
      • 3. Range
      • 3. Speed
      • 3. Type

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