• Pier4r

    Inactivity :(

    July 29, 2013 by Pier4r

    I'm sorry but after 28 June 2013 i became inactive on BFH (and on this wiki) for several reasons. I hope that someone can keep the history of war rooms fights! (My next topic on that will be a blog post here, with photos and all! All heil to this wiki)

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  • Pier4r

    As part of the game itself:
    - daily claw, it's a nice free bonus!
    - War room, encourage to play and anyway give nice free bonus too.
    - Not so competitive. BFH can't be taken seriously, come on is a third person shooter with no team/autodamage!

    • community anti-hack suggestion
    • about an autobalancer in game
    • about meters in game
    • about BFH and TF2 clones (nice!)
    • challenges after the level 30
    • server admin management tools (i tried to find them with google, while there is a huge thread on the bfh forum. Often: community forums > google)
    • about the levelling system
    • Royals are fat
    • About freeloaders in the game and the pay 4 win philosophy
    • How gcc works

    • My war room log and resources
    • my war room suggestions
    • nice thread about the war room (on early stages 12.05.2013)
    • N…

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  • Pier4r

    Run it in node.js .


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