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VIH or Very Important Heroes are players that have made a special contribution to Battlefield Heroes or been the first to reach a specific milestone in-game.

The first lvl 30 peaceful heroEdit

Devyy is the first known hero to reach lvl 30 without making a single kill.

The First Battlefield Heroes MillionaireEdit

He purchased the ONE MILLIONTH BF Item and won 1,000,000 BF. The title was awarded for being the player who purchased not 1,000,000 Items alone but rather purchased the item that brought the total number of purchased items to 1,000,000.

First 300 level playerEdit

Copeofficer is known as 'The level 300 player', as he was able to hit 30 on all 10 of his heroes. He stated that he's likely to jump to an alternate account and begin grinding to 30 there. Evenlonger, one of the i3D admins, has managed to get more than 10 heroes to level 30, however this was done over two accounts; Stoney87 and 3l3m3nts, not on one single account like Copeofficer.

First 360 level playerEdit

Not a proven fact, but most likely Heli-Two is the first one reaching 360 after the hero slot limit was raised by 2 to 12. Next milestone will be level 450 as the limit was raised again to 15. On the other hand these two milestones aren't that impressive as the one by Copeofficer because at that time the 100% and 150% XP Boosts not yet existed.

Forum RegularsEdit

Trolls, peacocks, most active users, depends on you how you call them. In each case they are an unique part to the BFH Forum experience. Prepare for their very widespread actions beginning with making guides, helping newcomers, rating outfits, suggesting improvements, over trolling in Offtopic and complaining about the updates ending with rants over the latest content, cheaters or begging/unexperienced players. Apparently the Moderators team is comprised of just forum's regular users and not EA staff.

Art JudgesEdit

The hammer is made for those who often judge the official graphic contests such as the made movies.

MainOpenBetaTagJudge.png MainSidebySideJudge.png

Special ContributorsEdit

Here's some place to honor Heroes who gave a great heritage to the community such as successfull suggestions.

To be assigned:
  • Rate section
  • Scoped Weapons
  • Barbershop
  • Suits
  • (Permanent Weapons for VP)
  • (Increase hero limit)

Honourable HeroesEdit

Honourable Heroes are community members who got elected for various things between February 11th 2010 and February 18th 2011, after which the program was discontinued. Below can be found a full list of them, ranked by date of election. In total, there have been 124 honourable heroes.

  • Dredned
  • Nulled.Shot
  • Solid Snail
  • Acetonium
  • Provi
  • Funk001
  • Geeman
  • B00sted
  • SdtfMaester
  • Drebin
  • Jimmycracker43
  • Chefman
  • Hero23
  • Cryspy
  • Doriangray
  • Nomanhaf
  • Kartoffelmos
  • Santaher0
  • Pedro
  • TPangolin
  • RaBidDog
  • Alexchen
  • A-Philanthropist
  • M1k3ol
  • BuildNrZwo
  • Meiv
  • Hannsch
  • EA Rep Mark
  • EA Rep Maria
  • 20043552's Cat
  • CriscoSpectrum
  • B.Randt-Stiffter
  • ub2old
  • Xorius
  • Tuxedo
  • [edo]Nils
  • Cpt.Ossa
  • Invalide90
  • Wikkid
  • Cradox
  • TommyTintop
  • Wolfzir
  • Coord
  • Klavin
  • NativeJam
  • MuTziLLa
  • Ivek
  • DeusExMachina
  • BulletEater
  • Arbelyjon
  • Aceborlag
  • |RabidUnicorn|
  • JBS
  • RoyalChicken
  • Agentx5
  • SgtGh05ty
  • StupidusX
  • Unkn0wnLegend
  • sGauDou
  • xSpyperx
  • CyrusPI
  • xParanoiax
  • MassiveImpulsa
  • MisterSmog
  • Groonz
  • Arupsta
  • Well_Done
  • [KZ-0]Biggsilo
  • GoingLoco
  • C0mputeRboy
  • Indignant
  • Forgant
  • eXtremous
  • Zachary0015
  • stevan96
  • le1erdesdernier
  • Insecticons94
  • Nameless Sniper
  • RaveWoodblade
  • Soullreaper
  • shmyea
  • Cpt.America
  • tomer12266
  • Marin.Nizic
  • StrawMonkey
  • Lusch
  • =-J-A-C-K-O-=
  • Major-Salty
  • Tastegw
  • MetroidDread
  • Sadron82
  • Grok23
  • Michinimo
  • nrg3000
  • mytag103
  • HKForby
  • ShadowFlame2
  • Chromanox
  • Tomonor
  • jopiekiller
  • Kipppp
  • ironsiolder123
  • Snadwich
  • KnightXNinja
  • U-238
  • d3phext
  • Xsear
  • GKel55
  • copeofficer
  • MAXIMUM_Carnage
  • GDude
  • ComputerGeek01
  • Stoney87
  • linux4ever
  • Dfuzz
  • MadBernieSkills
  • NL-Biggar
  • NothingButAHero
  • VeeTh
  • Takamura
  • Bodyshot
  • Techs181

Server Hoster AdminsEdit

i3D Community ServersEdit

  • Moke (EU Region Head Administrator)
  • eXtremous (EU Region Head Administrator)
  • M1k3ol (NA Region Head Administrator)
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