Veterans with Weapons Highlight

Part of the Veteran theme and Inland Invasion around September 2012. Being known for their smiliar appearence to other WWII Guns, they share smiliar stats too. MG's and SMG's have small Recoil, but higher critical hit chance, while Dirk's Digger and Knuckleduster Dagger are more silent Uber-Knives reskins. The Dirk's Digger is bugged at moment, dealing 30-40 Damage at close range, and 3 at any other.


Icon Pilfered
Description Type Specification
3289.png Empty Item Icon The Anchor Drop Machine Gun Moderate Range
Moderate Speed
3290.png Empty Item Icon The Landmaker
3291.png Empty Item Icon Knuckleduster Dagger Knives Close Range
3292.png Empty Item Icon Dirk's Digger
3293.png Empty Item Icon Side Feeder Sub-Machine Gun Moderate Range
Moderate Speed
3294.png Empty Item Icon Lucky Sprayer


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