Wrenches are single-use disposable widgets which can be bought for either valor points or battlefunds that are used for repairing vehicles on the battlefield. When active a ring will appear around the vehicle and sounds of tools like hammers and bolters can be heard.

Taking any damage while they are active will make the widget stop healing and the cooldown will commence.

Wrenches can be bought in the store or the in-game store (press O) Prices are as follow:

10 uses: 100 VP

50 uses: 35 BF

110 uses: 70 BF

Note: wrenches can received from widget supply drops in large or small amounts (located in the hot deals section)


Before the winter of armistice there were many grades of wrench which, as they got more expensive, could repair more of your vehicle's health. These included the Crude Wrench, the Fine Wrench, the Splendid Wrench and the Supreme Wrench.

2146.png Crude Wrench

2147.png Regular Wrench

2148.png Fine Wrench

2149.png Splendid Wrench